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Martin Scorsese's Hugo

By Moira Sullivan Hugo brings to life one of the greatest creators of magic on the screen, Georges Méliès (1861-1938) The story is based on the novel "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Zelznick.Scorsese ingeniously employs many cross references in the film that are part of film heritage, such as the crash of a train right through the front of Gare Montparnasse, which actually happened in 1895, and Hugo Cabret holding on to the huge clock of the train station as did Harold Lloyd in a silent film of the 20s.

The film is set in Paris the in the 1920s after the Great War, and no one speaks French. It would appear that Scorsese seems satisfied that if people have British accents they will pass as the French. That would include the American actress Cloë Grace Moretz from Atlanta who stars opposite Asa Butterfield from London. Butterfield revealed that Scorsese had him watch the films of Méliès in preparation for making the film, and it is hard to understand how he could have ma…