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Frameline Film festival features Monica Treut

By Moira Sullivan The Frameline Film festival is in full swing through the end of Gay Pride month, up through the Pride Parade on June 29. The LGBT event features narratives, shorts and documentaries from around the world, and prides itself on taking the best films out there from this world. It is an eclectic pageant with films about gay men, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals. Coverage of the festival primarily deals however with films made by men about men and this year is no exception. In putting the L in LGBT first this report is about films made about lesbians primarily by women at Frameline this year. My guess is that films about lesbians today or yesterday are either too threatening or dismissed as nonexistent. Hence the paucity of mention in corporate media about these films. In trying to be all things to all in the LBGT equation many of these films are only screened once this year . There are several features about lesbians this year which mostly share a low budget profi