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San Francisco Iranian Film Festival

By Moira Sullivan The fifth annual Iranian Film Festival was held at the San Francisco Art Institute September 8-9 in a two days celebration of Iranian cinema. Special guest of honor was the film composer Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh  who did the film score for several films with , including one of his best-known scores for, ' Dash Akol ' (1971). The film screened in honor of his visit. Monfaredzadeh now lives in Sweden. Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh 'Dash Akol' is based on a short story by Sadegh Hedayat , the story of a man ( Behrouz Vossoughi ) from Shiraz who falls in love with Marjan ( Mary Apick ), the daughter of the late Haji Samad. Akol became the executor of Samad's estate on his deathbed. One day someone asks for Marjan's hand in marriage. Out of honor Dash Akol arranges this. He is challenged to a duel by the town bully, and during the passion play of Imam Hussain, he is mortally wounded.   Later he sends Marjan a parrot that he has taught to