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Lara Gallagher's 'Clementine' screens at Frameline43

Clementine (Property of Clementine Movie LLC) By Moira Sullivan Clementine by Portland based filmmaker Lara Gallagher debuted at the Tribeca film festival this year and made its way to the Frameline Film Festival at the palatial Castro theater on June 28. Gallagher received an MFA in directing at Columbia and is a talented story teller. Her first feature comes after a several creative shorts and music videos with a grant from Biennale College, a filmmaking production program at the Venice Film Festival. On top of that Gallagher received support from Sundance and  the Independent Filmmakers Program’s Emerging Storytellers distinction in 2015. Plus she also crowd funded some the expenses with her Portland team. Clementine is a refreshing film with believable lesbian characters – albeit too young to be ageists!  Gallagher shows promise as a narrative filmmaker on the rise. Her film has a noir edge and one only wonders what will happen in her next feature. Karen (Otmara Marrer