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Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC (misnomer) - Volume 1

By Moira Sullivan Renaissance style photo used to promote 'Nymphomaniac at Cannes 2011. The press conference with Lars von Trier after the screening of his 'in competition' film   Melancholia   at the 2011 Cannes gave insights into the workings of his mind. There had been a lot of discussion about the comments that led him to being banned from the festival that year, bungling comments in bad humor that came across as anti-semitic, and it was obvious to all that the Danish director has poor people skills. Claiming his next project would be a porn film with Kirsten Dunst (who immediately said no) and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the two actresses in Melancholia smiled nervously and laughed away the alleged film that von Trier was planning. That film is now out in limited release, Nymphomaniac, Volume 1. The claim that von Trier writes “great parts for women” is not altogether true unless you applaud him for writing parts for tortured women. One of von Trier’s early stu