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The Automat - Movie Review

By Monica Sullivan “The Automat”, now in release in America, talks about a time when the country was dominated by the company that served simple, tasty, delicious food..  At its height it was a very important part of American culture.  The food was good, and filling, and people loved it.  They liked to eat food and meeting their friends at the automat.   When I first saw Doris Day's movie called “That Touch of Mink” with Cary Grant, Gig Young, Audrey Meadows, and John Astin, I didn’t know how close the automats were to being over.  It was a funny movie and is always a lot of fun to watch on the tube.  One of the main characters worked in an automat.  Tha would be Aurey Meadows.  The automat served a larger function than just food for a long, long, long, time.  The fact that the automats are long   gone now does not mean that people have forgotten them.  Far from it.   The automat was known for serving good, solid, food. Not glamorous food.  Good stuff, and it was very popular wit

Revenge by Coralie Fargeat (2017) at Créteil International Films de Femmes Festival

By Moira Jean Sullivan In a parallel section of the 44th Creteil International Women Film Festival this year (March 11-20) was a history of directors in different genres of cinema including horror. One of the latest films in the rape-revenge genre is simply called Revenge by Coralie Fargeat (2017). With a rich cinematography the film is set in a modern architectural villa in a desert landscape with long corridors and an outdoor pool. Italian actress Ingrid Lutz plays Jen, a young aspiring actress who has been promised a career start in Los Angeles by her married boyfriend Richard. Her young bronze body clad in bikini seems to be a provocation to the cinema goer and to unannounced visitors – disturbing predators who arrive at the villa. A night of frivolous dancing leads the next day to rape, and Jen will not be placated by Richard’s plan to make it all go away. Her resistance leads to being pushed off a cliff, but she has a locket with dried scorpions and a cigarette lighter and