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New Italian Cinema at the San Francisco Film Society

Asia Argento,  Gabriel Garko and  Charlotte Gainsbourg at Cannes premiere of "Misunderstood". The San Francisco Film Society presents another weekend of new films from world cinema, New Italian Cinema .  Opening Night is Nov 19 featuring two short films of Edoardo Ponti, who will be in attendance. The first is The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars, starring Julian Sands, Nastassja Kinski and Enrico Lo Verso.   Kinski plays Sonia, an unhappy married woman and Lo Verso plays Matteo, both of whom have underwent cardiac surgery and meet after six months in the Dolemites of northeastern Italy. In Ponti’s other short film, the magnificent Sophia Loren stars in Human Voice based on a play by Jean Cocteau’ as Angela. Loren gives a brilliant solo performance as a woman who speaks on the telephone with the man she loves who is leaving her for another woman. It is to be their last telephone and Loren executes every line as a master of acting.  Asia Argento’s Misunderstood