LunaFest - Special Report

By Moira Sullivan

I have seldom attended a film festival so well organized and in brilliant spirits as the 9th Lunafest, a traveling program of short films by women that were screened at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco last month. A VIP reception preceded the program and Lunabar, a sustainable health nutrition bar business, hosted the entire event. The networking and outreach that produced an amazing turnout allowed community leaders, activist and citizens alike the opportunity to gather for a good cause and see films which empower women and take up women’s issues such as learning to overcome cultural differences and living within your limitations at any age.
Lunabar sponsors screenings in over 100 US cities between October and May and provides materials and tools for the creation of successful fund raising events. The Lunafest event actually assists local non-profit fund raising, which in San Francisco is the Breast Cancer Fund. The films featured in the 2009-2010 Lunafest are multi-ethnic primarily stories from set primarily in the USA and the filmmakers received $1000 dollars each. Courteney Cox was one of them who makes her directorial debut in The Monday before Thanksgiving starring Laura Dern. The film is about a single woman whose mother has recently died. She is happy being single too but everyone wants to pair her up.

Another film by a San Francisco filmmaker is Roz (and Joshua), a 3-minute film by Charlene Music that she made as part of her MFA at Stanford. The film focuses is Roz, a homeless woman who is trying to get back her son Joshua. Music came up on the stage with Roz, who is now training to be a massage therapist and no longer homeless. She is still trying to get back her son. Music told the audience she was interested in making socially relevant films.

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