The Missing Person - Movie Review

By Monica Sullivan

The makers of “The Missing Person” have a lot of nerve calling it a neo-noir mystery. Movie buffs like me will seek out ANY film in ANY genre that’s even remotely noir. Noah Buschel’s latest film is filled with schticks and in-jokes so riveting that I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch “The Missing Movie-I mean Person.” One of the schticks is that John Rosow, the private eye, played by Michael Shannon wants to smoke cigarettes and other people (like cabdrivers) won’t let him do it. Meanwhile, he follows a man from Chicago to California. At one point, he suspects that the man is a pedophile. His suspicions are incorrect. The guy’s wife just wants him to come home to Manhattan, a place he abandoned after 9/11/01.

Is it ethical for Rosow to accept a chunk of change to drag this guy back to his wife? If you care about the answer, “The Missing Person” is your movie. It isn’t mine because it’s S-L-O-W, great actors like Margaret Colin, John Ventimiglia and Liza Weil are wasted in nothing roles and because John Rosow, as played by Michael Shannon, seems to be suffering from constipation, NOT post 9/11 angst. Writer\Director Noah Buschel has already acquired a following from critics who get a kick out of his sluggish narratives. They are, after all, going SOMEPLACE: just no place Monica Sullivan for Movie Magazine wants to go. Zzzzzzz………..

© 2009 - Monica Sullivan - Air Date: 12/23/09
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