Gelso d' Oro to Silenced at Far East Film Festival14, Udine

By Moira Sullivan

The Gelso d’Oro , the public prize for the best film at the Far East Film Festival (FEFF14 - April 20-27) went to South Korea’s courtroom-drama Silenced by HWANG Dong-hyuk, 2011. The tough and true story of the abuse of hearing appeared children that enraged the Korean public was also voted best picture by Black Dragon accredited film critics at the festival.

Silenced wins FEFF14 Gelso D'Oro
Second place, went to the Taiwanese road movie to the highest point in Tibet. One Mile Above, from Taiwan by Jiayi Du.

The Korean war drama The Front Line won the bronze medal. Just before the armistice is signed between North and South Korea in the 50s the soldiers engage in one final and unnecessary battle with each other. chose the Japanese farce about bathhouses in ancient Rome and modern Japan Thermae Romae, which was presented in Udine as a world premiere.

This year Hong Kong filmmaker Johnny To won the coveted "Lifetime Achievement Award". The 57 year old filmmaker presented his latest film Romancing in Thin Air. 

The Friulian film festival  in Italy – “a rock-solid Asian outpost in the West” attracted over 50 thousand viewers at the Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine” theatre with 1200 seats, and 1200 accredited (journalists, critics, film students, experts, and insiders from 16 countries

At least 20 thousand people participated in numerous side events in downtown Italy such as martial arts demonstrations and at the Minnamoro discotheque, the after hours hang-out for festival fans. 

More than 100 volunteers helped out the staff of this prestigious quality festival that showcases the very best of new Asian films. Special film experts stationed in Korea, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysi and the Philippines cull the box office to bring amazing films to this medieval Italian city close to the Italian Alps. Nearby is the little town of Casarsa where Italy’s controversial and beloved filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini lived with his mother.

The Far East Film Festival is precided over by president Sabrina Baracetti and is part of the "Center for Cinematographic Expression" (Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche).  

Next week Movie Magazine will bring you an exclusive interview with Darcy Paquet, Korean film programmer and curator for the Far East Film Festival retrospective on Korean films from the 70s "The Darkest Decade".

For Movie Magazine this is Moira Sullivan , UDINE Italy

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