Queer Women of Color 8 Audience Award to Zoila Avilés

By Moira Sullivan

Zoila Avilés - Audience Award for "Corazón de Melón!"

On the final day of the recent Queer Women of Color Festival (QWOCMAP), which closed on June 10 at the YBCA, awarded the audience award to "Corazón de Melón!" by Zoila Avilés.  The film warmly received by the audience is a humorous film about two women who meet online and fall in love on opposite sides of the Mexican border. The relationship is not without complications because one of the women is not out to her teenage children. The film was part of the selection of films in the festival entitled " I Do, and I Don't" about gay marriage.

The last program of the 8th QWOCMAP festival featured an exceptional program of documentaries with a broad range ranch of subjects.

In "Crossing Barriers: To Re-Gay Ourselves" (Carolina Reyes, 2012) interviews young queer women of color speaking up about coming out to their families, love, life and their identities.

"Kai Green made It Gets Messy in Here" (, 2011) as part of her masters program at USC. The film takes a look at the problems when transgender lesbians of color use restroom facilities and receive comments that they should leave because they don’t look like women.

Narissa Lee’s humorous "The Arrival" (2012) plays with some of the stereotypes about the gay parishioners of a Bay Area church. The older parishioners, according to Lee have been around since the AIDS crisis.

Two films "Looking for Jiro" (Tina Takemoto, 2011) and "Bloodlines" (Celeste Chan, 2012) deal with queer history in America during WW2. Takemoto discovered the history of a Japanese-American cook at detention camp for the Japanese during World War II. Jiro was gay and liked "muscle men". Chan revisits Angel Island where Chinese immigrants were kept in detention in the 40’s.

"Coming in America" (Aba Taylor, 2012) explores queer women of African descent and the various ways they look upon their cultural origins and community.

Two films looked at spirituality in the queer community. "Sacred Space" (Ava Square-Levias, 2012) explores healing rituals Square-Levias' film "De Colores Spirit Warriors" (Berenice Dimas) discusses two spirit religions and altars.

The final film "Drum Love Joy" (Shawn Nealy, 2011) takes a close look at the legendary drummer Carolyn Brandy who played with Bay area groups such as "Alive" and "Sistah Boom" during the 80s.

This years QWOCMAP festival for the first time did not have to turn anyone away for lack of space, and during the festival the autdience was able to raise the rent for next years festival. The festival directors are Madeleine Lim, and T Kebo Drew and the festival is growing in importance and popularity. San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu and State Senator Mark Leno cut the ribbon of the opening ceremony.

For Movie Magazine this is Moira Sullivan. 

© 2012 - Moira Sullivan - Air Date: 06/20/12
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