Animation Show of Shows - 20th Anniversary - review

By Purple

If you are like me and wish to escape the madness unfolding  in our current daily news, then I prescribe a healthy dose of animation and urge you to leave your bunker and get yourself into a cinema this weekend to check out the Animation Show of Shows.  Now in its 20th year, the Animation Show of Shows continues its ongoing mission to seek out and share a carefully chosen  crop of new animation from around the globe.

This year, the Animation Show of Shows features 15 short films that cover a broad spectrum of styles and narratives.  The program starts off strong with an award winning crowd pleaser  "The Green Bird" which delightfully depicts one bird-creatures persistent efforts to keep its egg safe.  This is soon followed by director Andrew Chesworth's sweet short film "One Small Step" which warms the heart while reminding us to keep shooting for the stars. Handkerchiefs might be a good idea.

 My  personal favorite films include "Grands Canons" which comes from French artist Alain Biet who combines his skill as an illustrator and painter with an incredible obsession to depict an awesome array of tools and objects. Set to a manic music score by Pablo Pico and Yan Volsy, Grand Canons delivers such an intense experience I found my mind spinning on it for days.

I also found myself mesmerized  by the movement in "Love Me, Fear Me" from German creator Veronica Solomon who uses her craft to conjure a claymation creation that uses exquisite dance movement and shapes to express the many sides a person can have.

The 2018 Animation Show of Shows also includes the latest from the Google Spotlight series which points its glow upon "The Age of Sail" a hearty sea voyage taken with a crusty captain voiced by Ian McShane of Deadwood fame.   The program also includes some films with unexpected twists such as "Flower Found" which follows a growing parade of super cute characters who all take some surprisingly dark and disturbing turns before the credits roll.
In times like these its good to treat yourself and your loved ones to an animation vacation. I urge you to put your devices down for 98 minutes and be reminded that thankfully the world also includes animators who use their gifts and talent that we can enjoy at the Animation Show of Shows.

Bay Area animation fans have an added treat: The Animation Show of Shows 's founder and curator Ron Diamond will be making in-person introductions and host some Q and A after the show at theaters throughout the bay area this weekend. Starting Friday night in San Francisco at the Vogue theater, then  onto the Lark on Saturday in the north bay, and then back in SF at the Roxie for a Sunday matinee. Ron Diamond  finishes his tour at the New Parkaway theater in Oakland early Sunday evening. All the details can be found on the Animation Show of Shows facebook event page.   

Still searching for the full length soundtrack music featured in Grand Canons, for Movie Magazine this is Purple.

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