When was the last time you experienced something truly strange ? Take a hero's story arc, delivered with amazing artwork, and throw in a touch of tarot card wisdom and you have the recipe for one of the most mind altering films of the year.

Cryptozoo a film that opens Friday at Landmarks Embarcadero and Berkeley cinemas, unlocks some fresh wonderful weirdness that opens your inner heart like the mental triple bypass we all need. Cryptozoo is an adult tale of a hero trying to protect and rescue the magical beasts of the world. An open mind and some patience pays off with a wild and refreshingly different story that shakes up your senses. 

And while I appreciate that we live in a time when full on animation armies deliver big budget entertainment at a fevered pace, it also feels good to set all that corporate polish aside and enjoy something that takes you out of the mainstream into bold new creative territories the bigger studios aren't ever likely to explore. 

Cryptozoo is the brainchild of writer and director Dash Shaw who spent years building up the materials that will unleash Cryptozoo into the world. Cryptozoo is gooey and messy and masterful in the way it twists and turns. And it feels good to enjoy Shaw's radical and different approaches to storytelling and movie making. 

Cryptozoo plays like an animated graphic novel, painted by a fevered art department determined to color outside the lines and deliver some remarkable visualization that mirrors the equally unexpected plot line. While the story starts off slow, once it gets going, the psychedelic flavored journey gets us into a rewarding headspace that illustrates how best intentions can fail the interests of the ones they are trying to help. 

Celerbities like Michael Cena show up as one of the many voice actors who share their star appeal and hopefully will introduce their fans to Cryptozoo and get people to try this off menu option to view.

Please note that Cryptozoo is unrated and may not be for everyone. Parents should not let its engaging animated appeal, mask it's mature material that includes plenty of hand drawn nudity, drug use and violence. 

And after Cryptozoo has had its way with you, a bit cog-fog feeling stays with you long after the credits roll. Since viewing, I've found myself waking from my dreams grasping to dive back into Cryptozoo's reality. 

Tuned in and turned on and ready to ride the Cryptozoo ride again, for Movie Magazine this is Purple.

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