Bitterbrush - visionary documentary on female cattle herders opens in San Francisco INTERVIEW AND PODCAST

By Moira Jean Sullivan

© Alejandro Mejia, AMC. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

BITTERBRUSH is a beautiful hand-crafted documentary about two woman who are seasonal workers hearding cattle in the montatins of Idaho. They live there and take care of the lifestock. In a refreshing documentary style, Mahdavian leaves the herders on their own to tell their story with an expert framing of motion.


Emelie Mahdavian wrote the shooting script and directed the film. She has a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from UC Davis. While studing at Davis she ran the Davis Feminist Film Festival. Her academic research explores dance, film, gender and cultural performance. The subject of her doctoral dissertation was dance and flm during and after the the civil war in Tajikistan. Emelie is Assistant Professor of Film and Media Arts at the University of Utah.

Here now is an exclusive interview with Emelie and Movie Magazine International from April 28, 2022 where Bitterbrush screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

© 2022 - Moira Jean Sullivan - 06/17/22
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